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Product Group : New Year 2015 (1st Series)
Product Issued : 14 November 2014
Product Number : P001352
Product Name : New Year 2015 (1st Series)
Product Cost : 25.00  Bath
Product Type : First Day Cover
Product Detail : 1 Envelope/Set RECREATIVE BLOSSOM New Years stamp collection is derived from the designers imagination under the perception of Recreative Blossom which transforms varions shapes of famous flowers from different countries like rose, orchid, Singapore daisy, sunflower, lotus, yellow chrysanthemum into fantasy-like flowers. With a recreated display of these flowers, they are transformed into angels, musicians, dancers, smiley symbol, colorful balloons, tuk-tuk truck loaded with an enormous flower bouquet. The collection will bring refreshment and delight to any for mailing greeting cards for New Years wishes. Thailand Post will release tow New Years stamp collections; 1st collection is consisted of five designs of three-baht-denomination stamp for domestic mail, while the other is three designs of fifteen-baht- denomination stamp for international mail.
Max Amount : Unlimited  Set
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