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Product Group : Visak Day 2017
Product Issued : 03 May 2017
Product Number : P002452
Product Name : Visak Day 2017
Product Cost : 12.00  Bath
Product Type : Definitive/Commemorative Stamps
Product Detail : Continuing from the previous Vesak Day issue, the Important Buddhist Religious Day (Vesak Day) 2017 Postage Stamp is also designed in Buddhawajana theme. This year issue highlights the 4-clause paragraph about happiness that are "Happy is virtue until old age.", "Happy is faith that firmly stands.", "Happy is it to gain insight.", and "Happy is it to commit no sin." It is one of the three Buddhas words in the Dhammapada that the Lord Buddha taught after the Mara had tried to persuade him to rule as the King of the land, at the time he had stayed near the Himalayas. Besides, the stamps also depict Phra Achana, the principal Buddha Image of Wat Sri Chum, Sukhothai province. Also known as the Talking Buddha Image, Phra Achana is related to the theme of Buddhawajana which literally means the words of the Lord Buddha
Max Amount : Unlimited  Set
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